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Religious Education

Handing on the faith is a key part of the ethos of St. Columba’s College and each student has three classes weekly in Religious Education. The wishes of the parents of other denominations will always be respected in the matter of religious instruction and participation in religious services.

Class Masses and other liturgical events are celebrated regularly in the school oratory and Religious Education teachers will prepare students for such Masses. There is an opening Mass at the beginning of the school year. The liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent are celebrated in the school with special activities organised by students and teachers.

In order to make our students aware of the needs of other people in the area, in the country, and indeed, in the world at large, students are encouraged to undertake a project at Christmas and during Lent. This has involved students in various activities, raising funds for providing fuel and food for the old and for cash contributions to the Third World.

Our Oratory in the school