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The College


St. Columba’s College is a Voluntary Secondary school under the trusteeship of CEIST (Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust). The Trustees determine the ethos of the school. St. Columba’s seeks to form a community of students, teachers, parents, management and auxiliary staff. The community tries to live by Gospel values that recognise the dignity of each individual.

The central purpose of the school community is the religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education of the students. This community seeks to create the atmosphere of Christian care and concern in which students can grow to maturity.

The school is committed to:

• Respecting the dignity of the student with his/her background, tradition and beliefs: valuing the potential of each and  encouraging the strong to support the weak.

•  Enabling the student develop a healthy self-image and form positive relationships with others.

•  Encouraging the student to develop a sense of creativity and of collaboration with others.

•  Preparing the student through academic and technical training for a vocational role in life.

•  Providing a disciplined atmosphere in which the student is encouraged to grow in freedom and to take increasing  responsibility for his/her own education and for the life of the school community.